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Absolutely Amazing Live aboard experience;

What a boat! The Calico Jack crew were outstanding on both trips first to to Raja Ampat 2014, and the Komodos in 2015. The diving is spectacular with pristine marine environments, Yes, just like the photos!

The dive equipment was well maintained and the dive briefings informed us what to look out for at each site which was very helpful when the areas were so full of life and diversity. Diving the Komodos was more strenuous but that’s the conditions for swimming with the large schools of Manta.

Calico jack is so much more than a liveaboard dive experience, it’s a life adventure. The itineraries included such unexpected treasures: sunsets on desolate islands with white sand like flour, walking into jungle to see birds of paradise, visiting National parks and Komodo dragons, snorkelling, kayaking and eating. After many of these precious connecting experiences with Nature there was Always excellent food and drink to enjoy while lounging in the many comfortable spaces on deck. Calico jack spectacular Everyday.

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