Looking for the ultimate adventure/sail/dive/cruise/? Here it is!

CALICO JACK- RAJA AMPAT ADVENTURE! Calico Jack sailing vessel is first class and fully equipped with air conditioned sleeping quarters, dining area, sun bathing decks, dive planks and dive master, snorkeling and full scuba dive equipment, kayaks, excellent chefs, adorable helpful staff assisting at every moment. Not to mention the Captain… Adam, scheduling adventures, hikes, books, and moreover his smooth “whatever you need” attitude that was the icing on the cake!!!
The diving experience in Raja Ampat was like touring an underwater museum! The area was breathtaking to say the least, white sand beaches- no people-now that’s what we’re looking for!!!
This is the experience of a lifetime. Not to be passed up.

National Geographic voted Raj Ampat #1 place to go 2014. Now is the time to go! We had a fabulous time and it is so far the most incredible holiday I have experienced. My recommendation… scrap any ideas you may have to go adventure, and reserve a trip on Calico Jack!

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