Maluku – Itinerary

The sample itinerary below highlights what you can expect on one of our cruises in the areas of Saumlaki, Banda and Ambon. Please note that each cruise is unique and subject to change; navigation and dive sites may vary due to weather conditions, currents, waves and visibility. Exact routes for each cruise will be organised in accordance with the weather forecast for that region. Strong currents, for example, may mean that the exact location and/or timing of planned dives may be altered on safety grounds and to suit local conditions. It is always possible to discuss and agree on alternative itineraries following consultation with the Captain and other guests.

saumlaki Ambon
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DAY 1 | Embarkation in Saumlaki (1 Dive)

We will pick you up at Saumlaki airport and take you to the harbour where our crew will welcome you onboard Calico Jack. Following refreshments and a short tour of the ship, you will be briefed on safety, the diving operations, and life onboard. We will have a check dive in the area before setting sail in the evening and cruising through the night to Pulau Dawera. This will allow time for you to get acquainted with the ship, set up your dive gear & cameras and to meet and socialise with the other guests and friendly crew

DAY 2 | Pulau Dawera & Pulau Dai (3-4 Dives)

Early morning, we arrive at the islands of Pulau Dawera and Pulau Dai. These small islands are in the Northern part of the Babar group of islands and will be our rst stop after Saumlaki. The villagers on these islands still practice traditional hunting methods, which include the use of bow and arrows. In the water, steep slopes provide the perfect hunting grounds for schooling barracuda and trevally. Large sea fans cover the reef and are surrounded by a very healthy and diverse array of reef sh.

diving raja ampat
Raja Ampat Itinerary

DAY 3 | Pulau Nils & Pulau Dusborgh (3 Dives)

After an early morning’s breakfast, we gear up for our rst opportunity to come face-to-face with schooling hammerhead sharks. Pulau Dusborgh has recently been uncovered to be a hot spot for schooling hammerheads at this time of year. We will attempt to have 2 dives here dependent upon current and weather conditions, before sailing back to Pulau Nils for a beautiful dive on an unspoiled reef. The evening will be concluded with a night dive in the area before setting sail and cruising overnight to reach Nil Desperandum.

DAY 4 | Nils Desperandum & Pulau Serua (3 Dives)

Nil Desperandum, which when translated means “don’t despair”, possibly refers to a ship that was wrecked here centuries ago. A big atoll with very steep drop, schooling sharks including hammerheads, silky and grey reef sharks can be spotted in the deep. This site has proved to be one of our most incredible encounters, and we have high hopes for it to deliver again. After lunch, we will navigate to Pulau Serua, a volcanic island which is becoming increasingly popular amongst liveaboard charters due to hammerhead sightings. We will stay overnight in Serua.

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DAY 5 | Pulau Serua (2 Dives)

After a light breakfast, you will have the opportunity to dive at one of the hammerhead sites at Serua. We will attempt to have 2 dives in this area, dependent upon local weather conditions, before stepping o onto Pulau Serua to explore the incredible volcanic scenery. You will trek to an abandoned village which the local inhabitants deserted due to searing temperatures and the inability to sleep at night. The village is now situated closer to the water’s edge as it is much cooler. The locals are very hospitable and the Chief of the village is more than happy to show you around and introduce you to the local families and elders.

DAY 6 | Manuk (3 Dives)

The island of Manuk forms the Eastern-most volcanic island o Indonesia, and possesses two very exceptional highlights, both above and below the water. Myriads of beautiful seabirds, including frigates and boobies, glide overhead, ocking to take advantage of Manuk’s rich sea-life. Below the shoreline however, large numbers of sea snakes can be found undulating through the waters. It is believed that the geothermal vents present in these waters attract the cold blooded serpents in droves. In addition to these distinct natural marvels, the island’s reefs are a stunning combination of coral covered walls and slopes in all sizes and colours. Outstanding arrays of reef fish congregate on the reef, including tuna, jacks and sharks. In the evening, we will navigate to Pulau Hatta (Banda Islands).

School-of-Jacks alor diving
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DAY 7 | Banda Islands (4 Dives)

Formerly known as the Spice Islands, Banda is an isolated group of islets in the midst of the vast expanse of the Banda Sea. Once the world’s foremost supplier of nutmeg, the remote islands served as a main port along the old spice route. The region is renowned, not just for its fascinating colonial history, but for its incredible diving and snorkelling. Karang Hatta is a reef located South East of Pulau Hatta. The dive sites in this region are closest to the 6,000 metre deep Banda trench, making it an intriguing area as the chances of encountering pig pelagic species are quite high. Schooling trevallies, barracudas, tuna, turtles, as well as hammerhead and grey reef sharks can be spotted close to this underwater mount.

You will have two dives in this area, dependent upon the conditions, and then sail to the main island of Pulau Hatta were you will dive in front of the West shore beach where a 5 metre hole in the reef opens up to the sea. You can dive down through the hole and yourself looking back to what appears to be a bridge in the reef. The bridge is covered with soft corals, and large gorgonian fans underneath are home to various pigmy seahorses. Late in the afternoon, you will have a sunset dive at Banda’s jetty. In the shallows and amongst the stones from collapsed sea walls and jetties, mandarin sh congregate. This particular spot is one of the best in the world to spot mandarin sh.

raja ampat reef raja ampat liveaboard
Saumlaki - Amobn

DAY 8 | Banda Neira Tour & Banda Islands (2 Dives)

Early morning, we will head to Banda Neira where you will have the chance to explore the remaining remnants of the former lucrative spice trade as well as take in the historic and cultural legacies of the islands. You will spend the morning walking through the town and be given the chance to observe the Dutch colonial architecture which remains to this day, as well as Fort Belgica with its incredible views overlooking the bay around the island. Before lunch, you will dive at Batu Kapal, which when translated means ‘boat rock’. A submerged pinnacle, the site has a rock breaking the surface of the water in the shape of a boat, hence the name. Various types of sh are present here in vast numbers, along with huge gorgonian fans and some truly monumental sponges. Your second dive will be at Pohon Miring. At this site, a large crack in the reef creates a deep swim-through which you can drift through and view the sponge-covered wall on the other side. Moral eels can be spotted at the top of the wall as well as schools of bumphead parrot sh.

DAY 9 | Pulau Ai & Pulau Run (3 Dives)

Early morning, we will set sail towards Batu Payung. This dive site, on the island of Ai, translates to Umbrella Rock as there are many overhangs along the walls of the island. You will be able to drift along the wall and enjoy the view of thousands of tiny reef sh darting in and out of the cracks and crevices. For the second dive of the day, we’ll move onto Little Manhattan which is next to the island of Run. In 1667, the English traded the island of Run for Manhattan, giving the Dutch full control of the Banda archipelago. White sandy slopes interspaced with large coral heads and a healthy reef makes this a very beautiful dive site. A resident school of bumphead parrot sh may be spotted here, as well as passing eagle rays. The third dive for the day will be an exploratory dive o Pulau Run. This region is full of unexplored dive sites and the Banda Sea is the perfect location for the discovery of new underwater treasures. In the evening, we set sail for an overnight navigation to Nusa Laut.

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DAY 10 | Nusa Laut & Molana (3 Dives)

Early morning, we arrive at the beautiful Amet Reef. Whilst situated only a few hours from Ambon, it is a great example of successful grass roots conservation efforts. The locals have instilled sustainable methods to protect their reef and as a result, the corals are outstanding and a favourite amongst dive enthusiasts. White tips and reef sharks patrol the depths and playful turtles can be spotted. For the incredibly lucky, hammerhead sharks and dugongs have also been spotted at this site. After lunch, we will navigate to Molana Wall. The shallow wall breaks in places and in the sandy slopes, ribbon eels, small pipe fish and moray eels can be found. Above the reef, turtles are seen feeding in the beautiful coral garden. In the afternoon, we will navigate towards Ambon.

DAY 11 | Ambon (2 Dives)

On the nal day of diving, we have 2 great dives planned. Tanjung Hukurila Cave is a fascinating twisted chimney and one of the most famed sites in the region. These natural formations can be seen from the surface and lead to a swim-through covered in sponges and soft corals. This site is quite an unusual dive, ordering you the thrill of gliding your way through winding passages, caverns and canyons. The barrel sponges, large sea fans and plenty of table corals indicate little to no disturbance from human activities, resulting in a site teeming with marine life. North of the cave is Lehari; a sloping reef that drops down to 40 metres. On this drift dive, immaculate corals are swarmed by schools of Jacks, snappers, cardinal and angel fish. Bumphead parrot fish can also be spotted here as well as large schools of barracuda. In the afternoon, we set sail for a pristine island on the other side of Ambon where you will be indulged by one of Calico Jack’s famous beach BBQ’s. The crew will entertain and socialise with you, have a playful a game of soccer or jam with their guitars and bongos. Our chef will serve up a delicious BBQ as you enjoy a cold drink reclined on the plush beanbags and be whisked away by a candle-lit shoreline and music lling the night sky.

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We are look forward to having you on board!

The Calico Jack Team

DAY 12 | Disembarkation in Ambon

After breakfast and the last exchange of photos and memories, the crew and Calico Jack will say our fondest farewell’s and transport you either to your hotel or airport.