Frequently Asked Questions

Cruise departs around 12pm (lunch time) . All guests should be onboard before this time strict,  but preferably before 11 am.

Our driver will meet you at the airport with sign of your name and Calico Jack logo on it.

If you chose to stay overnight in hotel, we suggest to stay in Swiss Bell Hotel Sorong. Driver will pick you up from the reception. Normally pick up time is 9-10am with the slight changes.

We will drop you off at the airport or hotel any time on the last day of the cruise.

We provide towels for both cabin and diving. We will change towels at least 3 times per trip.

Let us know if you have special requests in food. Our chef can cook amazing vegetarian, vegan, gluts-free, dairy-free dishes.

All cabins are equipped by AC and fans. However we prefer to switch off AC between 12am and 6am. Normally it does not create any problems as cabins are well ventilated.

Each cabin is equipped with marine electrical toilet and water heater.

We use CEE 7 standards electricity sockets on board.

Calico has both DIN and Yoke tanks valves onboard.

Dive surface intervals are 2.5 hrs between  dives.

We currently don’t provide Nitrox on board.

Every dive is accompanied with 2 dive guides and cruise director (accasionally). So the group of 10 is split for two groups allowing more space and flexibility for each one.

Be adviced we have a 24 hr no fly policy onboard so guests should book return tickets departing at least by 12.30pm so they wont miss any dives on the last day of diving.