Do I really need this?

As a diver, you are aware of the multiple risk related to scuba diving activities, sometimes diving insurance including Air Transportation are required for some remote diving area and Recompression Chamber asset is a “Must Have” to participate to these dive liveaboard cruise or any diving activities.

In any case, It is C.O.M.P.U.L.S.O.R.Y for our divers & dive traveller to have one insurance prior to taking part in any diving activities as in case of any accident. Dive insurance provide a generous Coverage and benefit for emergency evacuation and hyperbaric chamber treatments. You will be happy to have this specific insurance to provide fast & professional medical supports and the cost coverages.

Do I really need dive accident insurance? I have primary medical coverage.

Your primary medical insurance may exclude scuba diving as a hazardous recreational activity. If it covers scuba diving, it may pay only a minimal amount for chamber treatment. Many policies may not cover you when you are out of your region or out of the country.


Nowadays, some travel insurance has “included” scuba diving coverage. But they might not have the local network properly set diving medical supports to help you in “bad events”, and many of the travel insurance has 30 m depth limit policies, which is not always enough. Even if you don’t plan to go deeper than 30 m there is always a chance you may overshoot, or circumstances dictate that you go deeper. This is the reason we recommend our divers to subscribe to a REAL Dive Insurance.

  • DiveAssure members are eligible for the most comprehensive Diving Accident and Dive Travel insurance plans.
  • Provide 24/7 medical hotlines and supervision of diving emergencies operated by specialists at Duke Dive Medicine at Duke University.
  • Specialize exclusively in diving. Our expertise makes a difference.
  • Pay directly to service providers. You don’t have to leave a deposit or other guarantees.
  • 24-hours, 7 days a week, medical assistance, in the event of a diving accident or illness worldwide.
  • Emergency Evacuation from almost anywhere in the world to an appropriate medical facility for both diving & non-diving accidents.
  • A range of Travel Assistance benefits, including pre-trip information, return of travel companion, emergency cash advance, and much more. Read TravelAssist Benefits & Conditions Here.
  • Medical advice.
  • Access to Optional DAN Dive injury (Treatment) Insurance Plans<
  • There are several treatment plans for divers to choose from at the time of joining DAN.
  • Flexibility in the choice of plan for each family member. If electing to take out a treatment insurance plan, each family member can select the plan that best matches their individual needs.

Must I Buy a Travel Insurance ?

Unlike Dive insurance which is a “must” when you go for a liveaboard trip, Travel insurance is an “option”, none of our dive packages have TRAVEL INSURANCE required to be able to board/check-in, so this is your own decision. It’s really depends how you are traveling and the risk of any uncertainties during your holidays.

However, we strongly suggest our divers to take out travel insurance to cover any loss that might happen. Especially for these who book a trip long ahead.

Travel insurance can provide the coverage that the dive insurance do not cover.

For example: diving accident insurance will pay the diving related medical costs such as hyperbaric chamber treatments, but during a trip you may incur many other expenses or lose, some or all of your trip investment through scenarios such as non-diving medical situations, cancellation and interruption due to many reasons like inclement weather, personal or family issues, airlines delay… etc. A travel insurance will protect you against such unforeseen scenarios.

What does travel insurance cover?

Different insurance policies have different terms and conditions and coverage levels, so reading the fine print of each program is essential. So, what does travel insurance cover?

The short answer is: Cancellations, medical expenses, evacuations, loss or delays, and 24/7 assistance. These are the 5 basic types of coverage provided with vacation insurance.

The No.1 concern for most travelers is Cancellations: Plane tickets, cruise fare, tour packages, hotel rooms, charter diving boats… As when you plan a dive trip, you are investing money, and if these expenses are pre-paid and non-refundable within certain time-limits, you risk losing it if something goes wrong. Trip Cancellation Coverage reimburses you for pre-paid, non-refundable expenses if you need to cancel your trip before you depart.

The same goes to the Trip Interruption Coverage, for example: if something happens and you are required to return home, insurance will reimburse you for the lost portion of your trip…as well as any additional expenses for the last-minute flight home.

Then the Medical Expense Coverage will cover you for accidents and emergency medical and dental care when you travel abroad.

Emergency Evacuation Coverage will pay for emergency evacuation expenses such as airlifts and medically equipped flights back home, and oftentimes will transport you to the hospital of your choice for care.

Baggage Coverage can reimburse you for your personal belongings if your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged.

Baggage Delay Coverage provides money to buy essential items until your delayed bags arrive, such as a toiletry kit, a swimsuit, or another change of clothes.

Travel Delay Coverage provides reimbursement for additional expenses if your flight is delayed, such as an extra night in a hotel or a meal at a restaurant.

And the 24/7 Travel Assistance Services can help you with: Locate the nearest adequate hospital if needed, Organize medical transportation, Arrange for treatment and overcome any language barriers, Organize transportation home, Replace prescriptions in an emergency, Lost baggage search; stolen luggage replacement assistance, Lost passport/travel documents assistance, Travel information including visa/passport requirements, Emergency telephone interpretation assistance.

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