Calico was fortunate to have  a lovely group of Aussies  charter Calico Jack on its last trip 8 nights  Gili Islands, Lombok to Komodo.

Aussie gili to komodo adventure

We begin our adventure in Gili Islands Lombok , With all onboard we set sail to the Moyo Island This  secluded island is an unspoiled paradise and still relatively off the international tourist trail.

Moyo Island  with it beautiful scenery ,stunning waterfalls and great diving is becoming a popular stop for most liveaboard operating between Bali and Komodo.

moyo waterfall

After Action packed day diving and trekking we make our way to Pulau Satonda.  This  tiny, uninhabited island offshore of Sumbawa, separated by a narrow strait from Tambora, the site of the largest and most devastating volcanic eruption in human history. The island is the remnants of a volcano that blow its top and all that remains is lake in the centre. Diving in the area was pretty good at the time and definitely deserves some more exploration.

Local kids

After an overnight navigation we arrive in still very much alive volcano that goes by the name Sangeang. The island lies 20km from North East Sumbawa and is renowned for its spectacular scenery and famous dive site name Champagne Reef , after the bubbles that stream from its underwater reef.

Next stop Komodo National Park ! Komodo is definitely one of Calico Jacks favourite areas to operate , with it dramatic topography above and below the water, Strong currents,high voltage diving and the  Famous Komodo Dragons.Gili lawa Komodo

Calico would like to thank our lovely Australian adventurers for joining our Gili to Komodo voyage  . We had it all guys Volcanos,waterfalls,snorkeling and diving with 60+ mantas and trekking with Komodo dragons !  

Mantas (5)