Indonesia was and remains the world shipping center. Among the 17,804 of its islands, there are countless shipwrecks of the Japanese, American, English, Portuguese and Indonesian fleets. Most of the remaining one is dated Second World War, but there are few traditional wooden boats of European spice trades as well as new ferries and cargo boats. We started a map of the shipwrecks of Indonesia. You can explore this mysterious objects or enrich it with your discoveries.

Shipwrecks in Indonesia

Tulamben Shipwreck

The wreck lies in shallow water and is considered appropriate for divers of all certification levels. The ship rests in 30 meters of water, is roughly 25 meters from shore and can be reached with a short swim from the beach. The highest point of the wreck tops out about 5 meter
from the surface. The ship was torpedoed by the Japanese off the nearby Island of Lombok and the ship was towed to the beach at Tulamben for salvage operations. The 1963 eruption of Mt. Agung, which devastated much of the eastern side of Bali, drove the ship into the water just off shore, where it became encrusted with coral and a home to other sea life.

Tulamben Shipwreck

The best conditions for diving here are during October and November, when the weather is generally calm and during the start of the southeast monsoon, which typically extends from May to July. In addition to a wide variety of corals and invertebrates on the wreck itself, large fish frequent the wreck in some seasons, most popularly Mola mola and whale sharks, as well as Black-tip reef sharks. Professional divers have praised local residents for minimizing local fishing activity.

Liberty Shipwreck

In September 2012 a decommissioned Coastguard supply-ship was purposely sunk on the Siddhartha house-reef. The steel wreck has a length of 45m. The wreck was sunk with the purpose of creating a new habitat for marine life and it has already attracted a large array of colorful reef fish, barracudas, large honeycomb moray eels, and batfish. Because of the nutrient rich currents of the Lombok Strait, a wide variety of soft corals have already starting encrusting the entire wreck. The wreck lies on a sandy slope between beautiful coral patches, it lies on its keel, with the bow at a depth of 15m and the propeller at 35m. A highlight of the wreck is the easy penetrations that can be done on both of the two stories, the wreck is complete its own Volkswagen standing in the cargo hatch opening. The wreck has been made extra interesting by various objects brought down by divers, such as old scuba tanks, amphoras, Buddha statues, a treasure chest, etc.

boga shipwreck