Calico Jack adventures took us South to Misool , Penemu , far North as Eagle Rock and back to Dampier Strait. Conditions in Raja Ampat were perfect 20m + visibility

Day 3 we sailed down to Shadow reef , a magnificent sea mount running South of Boo island in Misool .

Normally we drop in at the top of the reef and continue down to a depth of 30m , where you can quite often find black tip reef sharks and manta rays .

On this occasion we dropped straight onto 7 giant oceanic mantas in around 7-10 m of water on the top of the reef. Mantas were circling and gliding above us for the entire 60 min of the dive .

Calico has experienced 1 or 2 oceanics on this particular dive site before , but nothing prepared us for the Manta Mayhem we were about to experience .

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