All good things must come to an end !

Calico Jack’s 2016 Komodo season is no exception to the rule. It’s been an amazing journey over the last 3 months on Calico, showcasing the very best of the stunning Indonesian archipelago .

We started our season with our annual investor’s trip. For some of them, it was their first experience on board since we launched Calico in 2014. 

For us it was finally a chance to share the adventures and Calico’s evolution with the people who helped making it all happen. A really fantastic way to kickstart our Komodo season. We journeyed west from Labuan Bajo (Flores) exploring the most amazing sites around Komodo, Sumbawa, Moyo and the Gili Islands near Lombok. Great diving and even better company.

Once in the Gili’s we had a bit of time enjoy some of the modern comforts we are not so accustomed to when we sail in more remote parts of Indonesia. 4 weeks in a small village in Sulawesi doing boat maintenance takes its toll, so arriving in the gili Islands was a blessing in itself. There, we also had a chance to team up with a local resort (Pondok Santi) to throw a few events and cool sunset sailing trips.

mauan-beach-4-2At the beginning of July, a group of old friends from Australia chartered the boat for an 8 night trip from Gili Islands to Komodo. It was lovely to have some old friends living the adventure with us. For years I had been telling them about sailing and diving in wild Indonesia and finally, I had the opportunity to give them a taste of the amazing culture, beauty and diving in Archipelago. We were very fortunate on this trip ; the weather was perfect, the seas can geta little moody between Sumbawa and Flores , everybody had a great time even the few guests that weren’t to keen on the “being on a boat” idea in the first place. Fabulous trip.


komodo-dragons-2Special mention to Lisa who overcame her worst fears: the ocean, boats, fish, and pretty much anything related to the sea. Haha

You did it guys! Trekking to waterfalls on Moyo Island, visiting a remote village on a active volcano, snorkelling and diving with over 30 manta rays in some of the strongest currents in Indonesia and rubbing shoulders with Komodo dragons. We spent the last 5 trips sailing in Komodo and diving some of the top dive sites in the area. The combination of Komodo’s strong currents and deep upwellings bring up an abundance of nutrients to support Komodo’s huge marine diversity .

We saw the best of it this season: huge numbers of mantra Rays, schooling sharks, giant Trevally, barracudas, ghost pipe fish, hairy frog fish, flamboyant cuttlefish. Calico Jack was right there and we got lots of action.


number-1-raja-ampat-reef-2Thank you Komodo! It was a pleasure and we’re looking forward to see you again in July 2017. We are now about to sail further East to the untouched area of Alor and the Forgotten Islands. Big expectations for these coming trips, schooling hammerhead sharks being the norm this time of year. Until then may the wind be at your back as the adventure continues…